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Is there back-and-forth conversation or do you tend to get one-word answers like “Yeah” and “OK”?Has she expressed any interest in you or does it seem like she’s simply putting up with you? If you’ve had a great time talking with this girl and feel like she’d be receptive to meeting up, give it a try.You don’t want to ask her to go up to your grandparents’ cabin in the woods with you for a weekend — that’s creepy.

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How can you approach her and get to know her without scaring her off?

Let’s discuss some important advice so you can avoid being “that guy” and spammers, savvy users won’t add people they don’t know.

Don’t leave it open to “hang out sometime” — mention a specific date so she can give you a straight answer. He's currently focusing on ramping up MUO's Gaming content to appeal to gamers both casual and hardcore.

We’ve walked through the steps and potential pitfalls of asking a gal out on Facebook.

But if she doesn’t seem interested when you’re making pleasant conversation, she likely isn’t interested in a date.

At this point, if you don’t want to ask her on a date just yet, try asking her for her phone number.

After you’ve chatted a few times, you should stop and gauge the interactions so far before proceeding.

When you’ve messaged her, does try to respond in a timely manner?

Should you sense an interest, you can try asking her out via a phone call instead of Facebook, which should have better results.

Norah, I’ve really enjoyed chatting with you over these past few weeks and I’d love to hang out in person if you’d be up for it.

What do you think about meeting for coffee at the Starbucks on Oak Avenue this Saturday afternoon?


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