Dating reed and barton silver

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Crnac is an intermediate sulfidation Pb–Zn–Ag epithermal deposit located within the Vardar suture zone of the Central Balkan Peninsula.

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The epithermal Pb–Zn–Ag mineralization consists of (i) a series of steeply-dipping veins hosted within the Jurassic amphibolites, and (ii) overlying hydrothermal-explosive breccia with angular (level IV) or rounded fragments of listwanite (surface) cemented by epithermal mineralization.

The mineralization is related to the Oligocene quartz latite dykes that crosscut the Crnac antiform.

Phase separation occurs at a paleodepth of 0.6 to 0.9 km.

Epithermal mineralization developed in three stages: (i) early pyrite–arsenopyrite–pyrrhotite–quartz–kaolinite; (ii) main sphalerite–galena–tetrahedrite–chalcopyrite and (iii) late carbonate–pyrite–arsenopyrite assemblage.

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Fine-grained sericite from altered quartz latite is dated at 28.6 ± 0.5 Ma.


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