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Should any evidence come to light that suggests a departure from that standard in this or any other instance, appropriate remedial action will be promptly taken," the statement said.

So far, the girls have heard nothing from the school directly -- another reason for the letter, Castillo said.

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Sex dating in holley oregon

But Holley's behavior after the promposal suggests there were other motives, Castillo said.

The letter says Holley admonished the couple the next day over the school's public announcement system.

"Since I began dating Raven, I have been looking forward to our prom night," she said.

"We have been looking for the perfect dresses, and even though she is my girlfriend, I was excited to have a special way to ask her to go to the dance with me.

So Lambda Legal sent a letter to the Calhoun County School District on their behalf seeking written assurances that they will be able to attend the March 10 dance together -- and threatening legal action if they didn't receive them by Feb. Principal Mack Holley told the Anniston Star newspaper that Janizia was only disciplined because it's against school rules to do promposals at school events, and that she had been warned not to do it.

Holley did not respond to CNN's request for comment.

I thought this would be a memory we would cherish forever, but I was humiliated by the way we were singled out and that I was disciplined.

We just want to go to prom and be treated like everyone else." The letter notes that, before the promposal, a teacher advised Janizia to do it offstage to avoid possible ridicule.

"Our investigation to date confirms that school officials have fully honored that commitment in this instance.

The faculty and staff at Alexandria High School -- and at all Calhoun County Schools -- strive daily to provide a nurturing, fair, and orderly school environment that is conducive to learning for all students, and will continue to do so.

Then another teacher helped her hide the poster so she could show it.


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