Driver updating with ubuntu

Release of packages for the 1.00.35 (March) drivers.This drops support for ARM and provides a huge number of updates to ppd files, including to several printers that had not been well supported for the past several versions. Release of packages for the 1.00.27 (August) and 1.00.29 (November) drivers.There is also limited support for the arm architecture. The arm drivers do not yet work with armhf/hard float.

driver updating with ubuntu-80

As usual, post to the forums to share any experiences.

Note that the 1.00.06 driver installer from Samsung seems to work fine, and there is currently no seriously compelling reasons to use this repository instead of Samsung's installer (unless you want an alternate driver version or an easy install/uninstall system).

These appear to be very similar to the 1.00.21 driver, but there are subtle (and entirely untested by me) differences. These packages are marked as "driver2" to address the confusion associated with Samsung re-starting their version numbering.

I also resolved some issues with the 1.00.21 for a small number of printers impacted by the binary changes from 1.00.06 to 1.00.21; Samsung also fixed this issue with the 1.00.27 release. This is a minor update to the 1.00.06 series (see below) that adds support for a few additional printers, but also seems to change some of the binaries significantly. These packages should be treated as experimental at this stage - they have had precisely zero in-house testing, because I do not have a system to do more than ensure they install.

Release of packages for the 1.00.36 (October) drivers.

The binaries are unchanged, the only actual changes are to the ppd files, so driver2-1.00.35 and driver2-1.00.36 are effectively identical.Some of the solutions described in these web pages come from these individuals and may point to their original posts, but even those who solved problems that are now irrelevant have my thanks.More recently, angelnu and totally-king have developed the scripts in the suld-scantopc packages.Addition of the suld-scantopc and suld-scantopc-gui packages for enabling the push-to-scan feature of at least some Samsung multifunction printers.Consider these packages experimental, and share any issues in this thread.I have also completed a migration to a new web host, without any apparent major issues.

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