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Create golden gate schema in Oracle Database and grant required permissions.

Turn on database into archive log mode and supplemental logging.

Set your ORACLE_HOME environment variable appropriately, then start the assistant by running the following: via Creating an Oracle 12c Pluggable Database & Container Database using DBCA | Snap DBA.

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I will build an active-active bidirectional OGG replication between two sites (RACD, RACDB) each having identical tables (test5.account, test5.seat_assignment).

I will emphasize on the requirements for CDR implementation and will outline CDR concepts and illustrate a step-by step CDR implementation, testing and troubleshooting. Virtual Box 1: OEL 6.0, Oracle 11g, Golden Gate 11, Oracle Instance oralin11g Virtual Box 2: Windows 2008 Server, Oracle 11g, Golden Gate 11, Oracle Instance orawin11g Install golden gate and create sub directories.

However, the container database owns the SGA and background processes, and the pluggable databases are serviced by the container database resources.

All of the data files will be stored under the /u02/oradata/ directory, set-up by ‘root’ as follows:mkdir -p /u02 chown -R oracle:oinstall /u02 chmod -R 775 /u02Start the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA)Open an X-Windows session to the server as the ‘oracle’ user.

for example if Specify INCLUDE=USER will give you CREATE USER statements.

SQL select banner from v$version; BANNER ——————————————————————————– Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release – 64bit Production PL/SQL Release – Production CORE Production TNS for Linux: Version – Production NLSRTL Version – Production Since here in this example shown I already have dumpfiles (Dump fi via Oracle: Datapump SQLFILE parameter during Import.

You can find it here = Oracle 12c RAC On your laptop Step by Step Implementation Guide 1.0 You will need a laptop or a computer with 8GB RAM and 50GB HDD.

The instructions are written based on Windows 64 bit and Oracle Virtual Box.

Today I created index creation DDL script with my existing datapump Dump files using SQLFILE parameter.


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