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The infamous Rob and Fab, who fronted Milli Vanilli, never actually sang a note on any song, live or otherwise.

It was some other dudes who weren't so, shall we say, aesthetically pleasing.

Even the toughest guys in hip-hop can be made to look impotent and silly when their prerecorded live performance backfires on them.

Just ask 50 Cent, who took multiple gunshots to the chest, but still needed a backing track when he performed live at the BET awards in 2007.

The rapper's cover was blown when he repeatedly missed his cues and fell victim to a technical mishap that left the music playing in a loop without the expected recorded vocals to go along with it.

The whole thing was a mess, but 50 just kept struttin'... Katy Perry's oops moment didn't even involve her singing.

As we said earlier, we're more inclined to give a pass to performers who are about the show as much as the voice, or who have to dance and get all theatrical at their concerts, when it comes to using a backing track for their vocals.

But Lady Gaga lost her shot at such a pass when she went on this self-righteous tirade: Okay, we get it.

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  2. The pictures that you choose should also communicate something about your life. Sure, you might’ve been at your absolute fittest a few years back, with rippling abs and a smaller waist, but if that’s not what you look like right now, why falsely represent yourself?

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