Updating brick exterior

Now it has a crisper feeling, and the dark storm windows on the house tie into the dark tones in the brick as well as the putty color in the siding – so the sunroom feels more tied in and less like a little add-on-pop-out in the back.When it comes to the cost of rot repair/house painting, that definitely varies depending on where you live, how much rot you have, what type of house it is (mostly brick or all siding), how large your house is, etc.

updating brick exterior-67

” which are: the garage doors (we think we’ll go a tone darker than the siding with those)…

Not only did that save us a cool grand, it means we have more time to think about what colors we want in those areas.

Spoiler alert: we picked the wrong color and should have gone with the darker one for the siding. It’s such a rich look, and because the brick is such a visually “weighty” color, it’s a really nice balance. See how the triangle over the portico looks like it’s a soft whispy white-ish color?

But thankfully we caught it early enough (just as the first coat was starting to go up) that they were happy to apply the darker tone as the second coat, which had great coverage since it was only a shade darker. The lighter color was so washed out it almost still looked cream – or even like a soft white. That was just one square lighter on that swatch (yet it looked about three shades lighter when the light hit it! You can see Danny applying the final color right over it, which really helped the white trim pop more while holding its own with the strong brick and the dark shutters behind it. The process was actually pretty fun to watch (we didn’t envy them for a second up on those crazy ladders for five days in 90 degree temperatures).

We decided that we wanted the trim to be one color and the siding to be another color, just so the house had a little more dimension.

We didn’t hate the existing cream on cream trim and siding, but we did love a few other possibilities more, especially after walking around the neighborhood and staring at other brick colonials to see what they had going on.

Let's face it- there is probably no other home improvement project that brings more pleasure than a great deck.

In the Northeast where we have limited outdoor time we have mastered the art of exploiting our warm seasons and entertaining on a beautiful deck is a great way to bring the indoors out and the outdoors in!

In the end, they had cut out and repaired about 20 pieces of rotten siding and trim, so it broke down to one day of power washing, two days of rot repair and scraping, and two days of priming/painting.

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