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Why is it so hard why does the little kid in me get so triggered by separation from his mom. Programming through punishment does not work and generate negative energies necessary to channel; larger cost.

I couldn't even go and stay at my daughters house when she was away in Nicaragua had such severe anxiety yet need to do this to get free. The method in this: "Bridging work"had a better sleep and weird dreams was with my ex and we had our house getting renovated and she was all happy then out of the blue I said you're still planning to leave she said yes I love rob her now husband I said fine but this toime I keep the house and the kids .

I qualify for AA, but I stopped drinking at age 17. Was numb went to the graveside wasn't numb anymore. My mind wasxalreadybon an uneven keel now it's on off kilter. My parents never said sorry/admitted their faultiness.

Fear that some older Alanon member will interrupt me and say: "we don't talk about that here! it's just plain old grief all the crap I'm going thru.

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Might be ex..thinking of moving out is freaking me out. Hey, I'm 24 and a few months ago I cut off contact with my alcoholic mother, it's been really difficult and I still get messages passed on from family members that she thinks I'm punishing her and she's done nothinf wrong. My problem is I have a younger sibling still livin...

I am just gonna remove my support and direct my negative energies instead of being ens... v=_z2VVx-c0h Y This is an example of what not to listen to on how to do so: He essentially describes that you should reveal information, losing this advantage, by first describing your own.

I think the same is attempted achieved with scandinavia.

Read in a book to use your mind and do something with purpose. Then once I had spent years giving service, convincing and sharing things with them my mother did.

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