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Uh, think those same execs watched the premiere episode of 18.Ashley Madison (2011) The ad: A woman tells her office that she just discovered her husband’s affair.

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Perhaps understandably, the commercial has earned a following—it managed to take the top spot in Bleacher Report’s “25 Sexiest Super Bowl Ad of All Time” list. “Wardrobe Malfunction,” Go Daddy (2005) The ad: A woman suffers from repeated wardrobe malfunctions while testifying during Go Daddy’s “broadcast censorship hearings.” Why it was banned: The ad came a little too soon after the Janet Jackson incident, especially since it cost CBS $550,000 in indecency fines. “Bouncer,” United Church of Christ (2004) The ad: A church’s “bouncer” turns away several would-be parishioners based on their race, disability status and sexual orientation. Neither do we.” Why it was banned: According to CNN, CBS and NBC decided not to air the spot because it violated “policies against running ads that take positions on matters of public controversy,” while ABC didn’t accept paid advertising that “espouses a particular religious doctrine.” 9.

“Man Crunch Make Out,” Man (2010) The ad: Two battling bros talk smack as they watch their rival teams play each other.

Their mouths accidentally touch, giving each the need to do something “manly.” Why it was banned: Many organizations complained about the ad’s homophobic overtones, including the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. Why it was banned: CBS does not allow advertising related to pornography, though it’s also unclear how serious Pornhub’s attempt to get an ad in the Super Bowl was in the first place. “Cut the Cheese,” Bud Light (2008) The ad: Two deli workers discuss the trials and tribulations of cutting cheese at their place of work. “Jesus Hates Obama,” Jesus Hates (2011) The ad: An Obama bobblehead gets a stare down from a Jesus bobblehead, eventually falling into a fishbowl after which Jesus happily flaunts a shirt reading “Jesus hates Obama.” (The site itself is mostly a retailer of novelty tees.) Why it was banned: The site received an email from Fox’s vice president for broadcast standards and practices stating that the commercial was “not acceptable to air on FOX,” the New York Daily News reported. Why it was banned: Abortion is always a hot-button topic and according to Life Site News.com, it proved to be too much for NBC and the NFL.

“Mars needs to apologize for the deplorable actions of its Snickers brand,” said Alliance president Neil Giuliano. Pornhub (2013) The ad: An old couple sits on a park bench for a few seconds. Why it was banned: Flatulence jokes might have been a little too sophomoric for senior executives. But with a name as blunt as that, how could anyone expect this site to be acceptable on any major network? “I Own You,” Go Daddy (2007) The ad: A man taunts his coworker, Doug, by buying up a series of domain names, including Doug’s own name, his dog’s, and his wife’s. Guy 1: “You know I’m gonna do your mother now.” Doug: “Too late! “Foul Ball,” Rolling Rock (2007) The ad: A baseball player hits a foul ball that ricochets throughout the park, and onto… Why it was banned: This ad must have hit a soft spot for the network. Apparently, they weren’t interested in ads involving ‘”political advocacy or issues.” 19.

Ultimately, it came down to a decision by CBS’s Standards and Practices department, according to the Huffington Post. “Veggie Love,” PETA (2009) The ad: Women in lingerie express their love for vegetables. Why it was banned: PETA’s raunchy ad is an example of how sex doesn’t always sell.

NBC released a statement against it, saying the spot “depicts a level of sexuality exceeding our standards.” 7.

Fade to black; then the logo for Georgia-based arms manufacturer Daniel Defense appears.

Why it was banned: This rejection didn’t come from the networks but from the NFL itself; the organization’s rules prohibit gun ads. (2012) The ad: Years before becoming a war goddess, model Kate Upton got sensual with a spicy patty melt in a drive-in theater to the tune of “Some Like It Hot.” Why it was banned: It was a little too hot. “Pro-Life,” Catholic (2009) The ad: We see a video sonogram with captions explaining that the featured fetus, which faced many obstacles, would grow up to become President Barack Obama.

Her coworker replies by saying “welcome to the club”—and everyone starts making out.

There’s also some random weirdness sprinkled throughout, like the unexplained guy wearing a bunny suit.

Sure, the concept of “banned” Super Bowl ads is a murky one; critics complain that some companies create controversial spots specifically so they’ll be rejected by the big game, giving the ads more attention than they would’ve otherwise received. a former football player once named Larry Jones, decides his real dream is to enter the lingerie business. Why it was banned: Go Daddy’s Chief Marketing Officer told Daily Finance that according to CBS, the ad had the “potential to offend viewers.” CBS reportedly declined to offer specific reasons for the nix, but a likely culprit is the gay stereotypes presented by the Lola character, including gestures and a pink tracksuit. “John ,” Look Up316(2011) The ad: A group of friends are watching a football game together when a close-up on one of the players shows the words “John ” on his eye black.


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