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The reality TV star (she was in the cast of Bravo's Princesses: Long Island) was accused of being Jay's mistress.

Dean is an aspiring musician who is tutored by rich player Castiel.

From the second Dean saw him; he knew he was in love.

Dean, being the awesome boyfriend he is, agrees to go in a heartbeat.

While back in Chicago, Cas comes face-to-face with an unpleasantly familiar face from his past Dean thought accepting Charlies invitation to a sex party would be a way out of his stale sex life.

Dean is mesmerized by the man, but Castiel's interests go beyond a simple sex party.

Life is difficult, anyone one who says it isn't can go suck a dick.Dean for sure has had some rough patches but being the tender age of 16 nothing to massive has plaque his life.And sure he's grateful to say he has grown up happy and healthy but nothing exciting has happened recently and he's growing restless.Dean decided to have a little journey and meet the regents of the bordering kingdoms, while Sam was left to watch the kingdom.He respected the traditions of each kingdom he visited no matter what.But will Castiel return his advances, or will Dean be left miserable and heartbroken? Faith, Dean and Sam have been an effective force in taking out the Hell Spawn and saving the world whenever and wherever they were needed.


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