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Having established their desirability in the kitchen and the bedroom, they closed with a party piece that might be a jig, a song or perhaps some verse in Irish. In the mid-1990s the contest was dropped amid complaints that too many women working outside the home were taking part.The morning after what turned out to be the final show, a woman caller phoned RTÉ in earnest to protest that most of the finalists "would never get down on their knees to scrub the floor".

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Sad to say, an excerpt from the property pages of this very newspaper some 40 years ago announced that "a sophisticated computer system will render it immaterial whether the modern secretary puts her shapely bottom on a chair in Stephen's Green, Sandyford or Santry".

At the beginning of the 1980s, a new magazine entitled Status attempted to give women a fresh voice to redress the imbalance.

The Sixties might have been swinging everywhere from London to San Francisco, but Ireland was still a hostile place for women...

a place where the Catholic church held powerful sway and men enjoyed complete power in both the home and the boardroom.

A company letter from the Swinging Sixties congratulating a young lady for getting a job included the provision that the post would "be terminated automatically by your marriage although you may apply for an appointment to the Temporary Staff from the date of your marriage." When Ireland entered the European Economic Community - EEC - at the start of the 1970s, the Europeans wanted all of these oppressive situations addressed, and ordered the government to start by putting equal pay on the statute books by the end of 1975.

The politicians complied by ­drafting the legislation, but then did nothing to enact it.

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Very much down on that sort of thing, the Reverend Ian Paisley replied: "You can leave me out of all this." But the arrival of a new voice for the women of Ireland proved a false dawn.

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