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"It's a good advertising tool, whatever that company produces as a business plan," said Roland Chin, chair professor of computer science at Hong Kong Baptist University.

Global market revenue for service robotics is forecast to grow from .7 billion in 2015 to billion in 2020, according to IHS Markit.

That runs contrary to a tendency in the industry to use cute robo-pets or overtly machine-like robots like Star Wars' R2-D2 to avoid the "uncanny valley" problem with human likenesses such as wax models and robots that many people find a bit creepy.

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He studied film, animation and video, eventually earning a doctorate in interactive arts and technology from the University of Texas at Dallas.

Hanson says he makes his robots as human-like as possible to help alleviate fears about robots, artificial intelligence and automation.

Her skin is made of a nanotech material that Hanson invented and dubbed "Frubber," short for flesh-rubber, that has a flesh-like bouncy texture.

Cameras in her eyes and a 3D sensor in her chest help her to "see," while the processor that serves as her brain combines facial and speech recognition, natural language processing, speech synthesis and a motion control system.

I know for sure that I will do everything in my power to remain HAPPY and HEALTHY and to provide that same environment for my kids and my loved ones. I gave up coffee a while ago and juice has too much sugar.

I’ve come to realise that I’m a serial entrepreneur. Hanson, 49, is perhaps best known as the creator of Sophia, a talk show-going robot partly modeled on Audrey Hepburn that he calls his "masterpiece." Akin to an animated mannequin, she seems as much a product of his background in theatrics as an example of advanced technology."You're talking to me right now, which is very 'Blade Runner,' no? We were lucky enough to chat with Lindsay about her career, secrets to staying fit and healthy with such a busy lifestyle as well as her must-visit Hong Kong hotspots. I ​had left New York after my daughter was born in 2008, travelled the world for a year and ended up landing in Hong Kong when my business partner (romantic partner at the time) got a job here. " Sophia said during a recent visit to Hanson Robotics' headquarters in a suburban Hong Kong science park, its home since soon after Hanson moved to the city in 2013. " Hanson Robotics has made about a dozen copies of Sophia, who like any human is a work in progress.

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