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The price is still the biggest talking point along with the use of the 1999 remaster (not rated amongst aficionados) but there are a lot of positives: early demos, BBC sessions, and Steven Wilson’s 5.1 mix and what looks like an amazing book.Reissues, box sets and albums of interest in February include: box set, I really feel the future looks bleak in terms of back catalogue and box sets.

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Box sets project often tweak the nose of schedules and drop ice cubes down the vest of fan expectations.

Let’s not forget that it’s taken five years for the Roxy Music box to move from its ‘chrysalis’ stage and take flight and – super deluxe in late 2014!

In David Bowie’s first 50 years he released 22 studio albums.

In the same time period George put out seven, including the two Wham! Warners squeezed a 13LP vinyl box from three of David’s albums (? It’s not like we’re going to go out and make new records, I hate that kind of stuff.” Lloyd Cole has said that he is looking to deliver a vinyl box set at some point in 2018.

Whatever product does emerge, I don’t see much happening this year, to be honest, and David Austin seems to be the man in control. It’s not yet known whether this will be a Commotions package or his solo work.

Previously he’d mentioned that Universal didn’t want to do it, so this might get licensed to a third party.

Here at SDE we are expecting a fourth box set (in the series that started with 2015’s album. There are loads of remixes in the 1980s and not all of them good.

Someone will be sweating over decisions about the merits of ‘Vocal Dance’ mixes and ‘Extended Dub’ mixes.

It’s tradition here at SDE to take a peak into the future and examine what the next 12 months might hold for music fans who enjoy reissues and box sets.

On the face of it, re-releasing an old album or some kind of box set might seem straight forward – record company owns music, record company releases music – but in reality these releases are a tricky business, with many, many parties often involved in the process, including the artist, lawyers, disgruntled ex-band members, record label, managers (sometimes more than one), accountants, PR firms and management companies that have their own strategy about what is not happy, for some reason or another.

Any hint of never-been-on-CD omissions and you can bet fans will be up in arms.

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