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She is also co-chair of the Close the Gap Campaign, aimed at achieving equality in health outcomes and life expectancy for Indigenous Australians, and a Board Member of Reconciliation Australia.

Despite witnessing the most horrific crimes against humanity, Truganini believed the only way to fight against white invaders was to learn their ways in order to gain empathy.

As a strong advocate for Indigenous women and non-Indigenous women alike, Gladys Elphick has helped every woman take up the fight for equality and justice.

Her acting led to changing the stereotypes of Indigenous women that had been grossly perpetuated in media.

She is now a well-known and outspoken advocate for Indigenous people.

She was a leading campaigner against the building of a dam that posed a threat to sacred land in the Northern Territory.

In 2014, Rosalie was awarded the Northern Territory Australia of the Year and in an appearance as a panel member on ABC’s Q&A current affairs show, she wowed Australian audiences with her passionate speech about the government’s denial of Indigenous issues.

In 2003 the Aboriginal women’s group advising the International Women’s Day Committee (South Australia) presented the inaugural Gladys Elphick award.

Cultural advocate Fanny Cochran played a vital role to ensure Tasmanian language and culture was practiced and maintained even today as she was the first Indigenous person whose stories and songs would be recorded.

As a result the recording, which included traditional stories and songs of her people, lived on into the future.

As a girl she had been taught her cultural ways and when the British invasion occurred she witnessed the most brutal atrocities against her people.

Warning: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders should exercise caution when viewing this article as it contains names of deceased persons and this may cause distress to members of these communities.

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