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Furthermore, during the 7-year period, the increase in the rate of US term stillbirth appeared to be continuous (estimated slope: 0.0186/1000/year, 95% confidence interval 0.002−0.035).Assuming 3.5 million term US births per year, and given 6 yearly “intervals” with this rate increase, it is possible that more than 335 additional term stillbirths occurred in the United States in 2013 as compared with 2007.

This study raises the possibility that the 39-week rule may be causing unintended harm.

Additional studies of the actual impact of the adoption of the 39-week rule on major childbirth outcomes are urgently needed.

In addition, during the 7-year period, there was a progressive shift in the timing of delivery from the 40th week to the 39th week.

Absent this confounding factor, the magnitude of association between the adoption of the 39-week rule and the increase in rate of term stillbirth might have been greater.

The progressive adherence to the 39-week rule throughout the United States has caused a well-documented, progressive reduction in the proportion of term deliveries occurring during the early-term period.

Because of the known association between increasing gestational age during the term period and increasing cumulative risk of stillbirth, however, there have been published concerns that the 39-week rule—by increasing the gestational age of delivery for a substantial number of pregnancies—might increase the rate of term stillbirth within the United States.

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Between 20 in the United States, the adoption of the 39-week rule caused a progressive reduction in the proportion of term births occurring before the 39th week of gestation.

During the same interval the United States experienced a significant increase in its rate of term stillbirth.

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