Wildest dating moments

h=194&w=300&m=6&q=60&u=t&o=t&l=f&x=730&y=476" title="Pamela Anderson gets a lift from Hans Klok during his Thursday performance in Be...More than 100 miles north of Reno, Nevada, is Black Rock City, an expanse of desert ringed by distant mountains that has been home to the annual Burning Man festival since the 1990s.Wedding is a point in time when family members meet up and celebrate the occasion.

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Additionally, we look at the age and body mass of each person to determine how they should be positioned within the frame of the camera.

When creating and composing wedding party groups, check that everyone is in focus and well-lit as you capture the photograph of each group’s character frozen in time.

peeked behind the curtain with the help of two couples — Aly* and Dan*, and Jocelyn and Luke — who are orgy dome vets willing to share their stories.

Here are his-and-her accounts of their experiences.

Started by a small group of artists in San Francisco in 1986, the weeklong event is held around Labor Day every year.

Most of the tens of thousands of attendees go to experience the openness, art, whimsy, freedom and — let's be real — the nudity.The perfect bridal party portrait can be challenging to accomplish by just anyone with a camera that’s why hiring a professional wedding photographer is essential for a once in a lifetime wedding event.A professional wedding photographer knows how to handle large group of people and pose them for an eye-catching composition.Nowhere in the desert basin, or the playa, do all of those elements coalesce more magnificently than in the orgy dome, an air-conditioned sex haven where guests can visit in groups of two or more.Its creators claim that 5,000 attendees cavorted within its folds last year.We were interviewed to make sure we were sober enough to consent and [to check] that we understood all the rules.

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