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As a probationary employee, he received an "administrative termination (not involving misconduct)" After the shooting, the psychologist who reportedly evaluated and cleared Mateen for his firearms license in 2007 by G4S records denied ever meeting him or having lived in Florida at the time, and said she had stopped her practice in Florida since January 2006.

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One person shielded herself by hiding inside a bathroom and covering herself with bodies.

A bartender said she took cover beneath the glass bar.

During the shooting, some of the people who were trapped inside the club sought help by calling or sending text messages to friends and relatives.

Initially, some of them thought the gunshots were firecrackers or part of the music.

At least one patron tried to help those who were hit.

According to one of the hostages, Mateen entered a bathroom in the nightclub's northwest side and opened fire on the people hiding there, wounding several.

Shame there's only 9 episodes for the first season.

, 2016, Omar Mateen, a 29-year-old security guard, killed 49 people and wounded 58 others in a terrorist attack/hate crime inside Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, United States.

Never heard of this series before, kind of stumbled upon it when browsing the web.


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