Naughty sex

But what is it about chocolate that stimulates our bodies and minds and is it actually healthy? Ruth Westheimer noted that “the taste of chocolate is a sensual pleasure in itself, existing in the same world as sex.” There are many properties inherent in chocolate that lead to this phenomenon.

FSPC hosts many events every month, ranging from rope enthusiast workshops to sacred sexuality meet-ups -- keep track on their online calendar here.

Also for your perusal is the Pacific Northwest Library for Sex Positive Culture, which is home to hundreds of books on human sexuality, as well as a lofty pornography section. With a name like Freak Night, there really should be no confusion as to what transpires at this event.

Those consuming chocolate had the highest levels of desire, arousal and satisfaction from sex.

The study, which was presented at the European Society for Sexual Medicine in London, found: “Women who have a daily intake of chocolate showed higher levels of desire than women who did not have this habit. Yet the ingredients that we typically mix with chocolate are not.

Once a year, this mother’s-worst-nightmare of an event bring scantily clad performance artists, pyrotechnics, some of the world's biggest DJs, and thousands of costumed party-goers out for two of Seattle's wildest nights.

In the summer you’ll find a super-secret patch of beach in the Denny-Blaine Park that serves as one of Seattle's unofficial nude beaches.

For example, the organic cacao used in FIT 365 shakes is more than twice as strong as red wine or green tea in the powerful antioxidants polyphenol catechins.

Remember, chocolate is naturally bitter not sweet so make sure you choose a chocolate source that is healthfully sweetened.

Lastly, chocolate contains another neurotransmitter, Anandamide. Anadamine targets the same brain structure as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the active ingredient in cannabis.


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