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Only 26% of the most recent Texas high school graduating class tracked as a cohort ended up earning a postsecondary credential.There are 834,000 rural K-12 students in Texas, which is 18% of the total K-12 enrollment.We look forward to seeing you on [website] frequently.

To learn more about the Texas Rural Schools Task Force and read the entire report, visit the Texas Education Agency website at

After being pushed to the brink of financial disaster this year, some small and rural Texas schools are hoping to limp along for the next two years, now that the Legislature has approved funding to help them recover from the closure of a critical state aid program.

Rural school districts face many educational challenges unique to their size and region.

Created by Commissioner Morath in 2016, the Texas Rural Schools Task Force was charged with identifying current challenges and best practices for rural school districts statewide.“The work of the Texas Rural Schools Task Force brings new focus to the challenges faced by smaller districts across our state,” said Commissioner Morath.

Under their mission, our capstone was charged with assessing the state of postsecondary completion in Rural Texas.

Using a mixed methods approach, the capstone studied institutional, attitudinal, and academic barriers that impede rural students from pursuing and obtaining a postsecondary credential.

Nationally, Texas has more schools in rural areas than any other state with more than 20 percent of campuses in rural areas.

The Elevating Support for Texas Rural and Small Schools report was written in collaboration between the Rural Schools Task Force, Texas Education Agency and Texas Comprehensive Center at American Institutes for Research in Austin.

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AUSTIN – Commissioner of Education Mike Morath announced today that, following almost a year of work across the state, the Texas Rural Schools Task Force has released a report, Texas Rural Schools Task Force: Elevating Support for Texas Rural and Small Schools.

Approximately 43% of the rural K-12 student population is considered low income.


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