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This is different from an event based API - such as SAX - which 'pushes' data to the application - requiring the application to maintain state between events as necessary to keep track of location within the document.

JAXP was developed under the Java Community Process as JSR 5 (JAXP 1.0), JSR 63 (JAXP 1.1 and 1.2), and JSR 206 (JAXP 1.3).

Perhaps the easiest part of JAXP to understand, the DOM interface parses an entire XML document and constructs a complete in-memory representation of the document using the classes and modeling the concepts found in the Document Object Model(DOM) Level 2 Core Specification. Unlike the DOM parser, the SAX parser does not create an in-memory representation of the XML document and so runs faster and uses less memory.

I've written a simple St AX-based parser for XB to see how it affects the performance.

I've used the same tests I've been using previously while working on optimizations and comparison to JAXB.

After this comes closing of element indicated by This article is contributed by Kunal Sharma.

XMLStream Exception; import*; public class Main tag indicates the starting, therefore it is matched by Start Element. In the next step, it reads the character/data by matching the element by is Characters, this is done only if the starting tag that we require is opened or its boolean variable is set true.

Instead, the SAX parser informs clients of the XML document structure by invoking callbacks, that is, by invoking methods on a that overrides these methods and processes the data.

This may involve storing the data into a database or writing it out to a stream.

Main features of the interface are Two abstract interfaces Source and Result are defined to represent the input and output of the transformation.


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