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Earlier this year TGC put out a list of what would be some of the it items for A/W 2016.

Some collections used none of them; others chose one and used it to death.

The Ugly Here giving us what they consider “urban” is WEGO.

There are a few nice things there, but most of it not so much.

Mixing fabrics are a big deal this year and they did try to execute that method. It also looks like they tried to hide it making most of their collection black; because black matches with (or something like that).

Just try to include the people you’re saying you represent.

If you want to find a collection that used trends without going overboard, look no further than Ungrid‘s stage.

In total there were 20 brands shown; 16 that were scheduled and 4 that were special stages.

One particular stage that spoke to me was the TGC Special Collection 2.Get ready to read about the beautiful and just plain the ugly about Tokyo Girls Collection A/W 2016.Oh, by the way the “The Beautiful What is fashionable is in the eye of the beholder.I’m just a little miffed that she didn’t use some of the La Farfa models on the runway.Don’t get rid of the thinner models, leave some there.Instead of the loud, cheap looking festival flower crowns I’m so used to seeing, the colors were muted; the silhouettes were bold.


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