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Another welcome improvement is the ship constructor.Rather than being stuck with basic ship models, you're able to construct your own.oh, you don't really need to know the mechanics for a review.

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Instead, the company provides each copy of the game with a unique serial number which can be used to install multiple copies of the game (as long as only one is being played at once), to download regular updates from the developer, and even to re-download the entire game if the original CD is lost.

Moscow-based firm Starforce, however, clearly disagrees with Stardock's assertion that its lack of protection hasn't encouraged piracy - and while it has now removed the pirate software links from its site, the text of the original post remains.

The mixture of hard strategy and gadabout feyness is generally inspiring. While this will give you the basics of how to interact, you're left struggling in terms of actually having a clue how to play the game.

Oh - a few special words for the AI, which is simply exemplary. Often it's a little like having a driving instructor explaining what all the various levers in the car are for then leaving you to it.

If you're prepared to wrestle with the occasionally unfriendly interface and figure out the unintuitive systems, there's every chance you'll be one of them. well, it's unlikely you'll be even reading this review; instead you'll be sitting on the news pages and desperately refreshing news about the latest update to Princess Pooble racing.

Anti-piracy software firm Starforce has been accused of posting links to pirate copies of Stardock's PC strategy title Galactic Civilizations II on its official website, in the latest in a series of PR blunders for the controversial company.

Many elements exist to make ruling your possibly massive civilization easier, but others are obscured.

Managing fleets of ships occasionally proves tricky, in terms of wanting to interact with one member of a fleet.

In the David corner, a whole development team less than five people. Well, if Mr Adams was alive today and played Gal Civ 2, he'd probably add the rider "as is Galactic Civilizations 2".

While the details of the victory were somewhat less than stirring - in the same way the Biblical David and Goliath story would have been less impressive if David's victory was secured by Goliath walking onto the battlefield, immediately throwing himself off a cliff while punching himself repeatedly in the face - Gal Civ was exactly what the space-exploration empire-building beard-sporting kids wanted. And, if he played the narrative campaign, which offers a neat series of challenge missions to play through, he may add "and the Dread Lords are absolute Basts".

It is the sequel to the original Galactic Civilizations (in turn based on the OS/2 games Galactic Civilizations and Galactic Civilizations 2), and was released at retail and on Stardock's online subscription service, Total Gaming.net, on February 21, 2006.


  1. It is possible to obtain the first Limit Break of a Limit Level before having obtained the second Limit Break of the previous Limit Levels by killing the prerequisite number of enemies without using enough Limit Breaks to meet the Limit Break requirement.

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