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As we all know my favorite thing in the universe to do is to overthink things (2018 resolutions be damned), she now has me wondering …….

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With a man that I have been messaging with for 2 weeks, which I normally won’t do.

My friend, who is my Bumble compatriot, says ‘yeah, Grey is on the fast track’.

I was keen on finding the right woman for a serious relationship but after no success I did contemplate if it was meant to be.

Every week or so I did my usual searching on Asian Single Solution's site but on one night in April I was in a rush and forget to enter my usual search criteria.

Luckily, or not, this new promise of mine has yet to be tested. It’s actually 10 men that I’ve met since December 31st. I use my humor and self deprecation to never actually answer a question that is posed directly to me. It actually crossed my mind, for a fraction of a millisecond, that if I was one of ‘those’ women, that I could convince myself (and him) that we were a good match. If I was into him, I’m sure I could figure out a way to work around such opposing views, but the fact of the matter is that although he was a terrific guy, I couldn’t imagine ever wanting to kiss him. And protect him from the next woman that will inevitably take advantage of him. And wracking my brain for a nice woman to set him up with! This is the message I got in return to my ‘Hi Random Cute Tinder Guy, killer smile! I was bullied as a kid (and I do NOT take that term lightly). Okay, well, to be honest, I’ve been told that men were hitting on me but for some unknown reason, I am incapable of picking up on clues.

I prefer to set expectations low and be pleasantly surprised than than to get excited and ultimately disappointed. That I would run far and fast rather than stay and turn into the crazed nut-bag that I have proven myself to be when I liked someone. Yes, believe it or not, I have some significant walls built up around me that it would take the most patient of men to penetrate. And even at that, there are many many things that I don’t even share on here. Not that the women were so shitty, but that he didn’t see them coming from a mile a way. While not being a raging liberal, we definitely have some differing views. Do I think it might be fun to have a faceless ‘fling’? The recap of my date from last night will have to wait while I continue to overthink the offhanded comment made by my friend and proceed to write another annoyingly introspective post that isn’t in the least bit interesting or entertaining. For those of you that actually have a life and have not been with me since the beginning of this, what I hoped would be, short lived blog over the past 7 years (that honestly just hurt me to type that), here’s a quick recap of all things Grey Goose. It’s been a very long time since a handsome man sidled up next to me at a bar, or on the street and struck up a conversation. Uhm, that has NOT happened, and it’s totally fucking with my confidence. Then I threw in how I’m able to ‘think outside the box’ to get things done. I’m creative and organized and know how to get shit done. Just something to keep me busy, earn a bit of money and meet people. I interviewed with the warden, someone from HR and one of the head guards. Emphasized my organizational skills, likeability, team playeredness (I know that’s not actually a word) and enthusiasm for the job. Then I threw in, god knows why, “I’m excited about the opportunity; I don’t have family here, so I’m always available”. One just keeps firing questions at me while the other is apparently pouring his heart out to me. Yeah, my desire to be his test dummy for dating is sitting right about a negative 4,000,000. I’m not sure if he’s being truthful or making every single word up. They’re both cute, both ridiculously awkward on the whole ‘chatting’ concept. After being married for 27 years (yes, I’m old and dating in an entirely different demographic). The 2nd seems like either the sleeziest dick in the universe, or the world’s nicest guy (aside from the whole being married thing). We were regaling her with our stories of online dating. I never thought of it as ‘fast tracking’ (proven my 7 years, give or take, of online dating – thus, the blog). And by game, I of course mean a lengthy and soul crushing journey to find the bright shinny penny in the piles of garbage.


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