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On this weekend that marks a transition from Black History Month to Womens History Month, I think it is important to mark the rise of the womanist movement, which differentiates the priorities of black women from those of the feminist movement, which tends to focus on the issues of white women.

Unitarian Universalism is a covenantal faith, not a creedal one.

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We will explore the origins of our covenantal faith and how we might live into the promises we make to one another today.

Order of Service In the Jewish calendar, January 31st will be the holiday Tu B'shebat, which celebrates tree plantings and making the land more vibrant and healthy.

Following the service, eight members of our church asked me to do a sermon in response to Henderson. Order of Service When it was revealed that Harvey Weinstein, one of the most powerful producers in Hollywood, had long been using his power and influence to sexually harass and assault aspiring actresses, a powerful movement on Facebook began with women who themselves had experienced sexual harassment or assault simply stating, "Me Too." This was done both as an act of self-empowerment, but also to demonstrate to men just how many of the women that they know have lived through such abuse.

The answer being that such experiences are almost universal.

A universally shared feeling, difficult to express: Immigrants who become homesick upon seeing something that reminds him or her of motherland, the place where theyve felt most at home even as they are overjoyed to be part of this new free country. Inspired by the 7th principle of Unitarianism, I look forward to discussing separation, attachment, and connection, which are salient themes in my poetry and stories. Perkinson is a long-time activist/educator/poet from inner city Detroit, currently teaching as Professor of Social Ethics at the Ecumenical Theological Seminary and lecturing in Intercultural Communication Studies at the University of Oakland (Michigan). Order of Service Stephen Henderson is editorial page editor for the Detroit Free Press, hosts a daily radio show, Detroit Today, on WDET 101.9 FM, Detroits public radio station as well as weekly tv shows American Black Journal and Mi Week, both on Detroit Public Television. Stephen Hendersons awards include the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for commentary, the 2016 Scripps Howard Award, the 2017 ASNE writing award for editorials.

Diane De Cillis poetry collection, Strings Attached (Wayne State Univ. Former editorial page editor of The Michigan Daily, Henderson has been a reporter or editor of a number of major newspaper organizations, including the Knight Ridder Washington Bureau, where he covered the U. He was also the National Association of Black Journalists pick for Journalist of the Year in 2014.

From slavery, reconstruction, post-reconstruction to the privatization of prisons, the criminalization of African Americans and other oppressed peoples is clearly linked to the maintenance of the social status quo.

Movements for social justice in 21st century America must embrace the struggle to reform law-enforcement, the courts and prisons by uprooting the racial and class character of the criminal justice hierarchy.

During our recognition of Black History month, an important legacy to consider is that of Howard Thurman, former Dean of the Chapel at both Boston University and Howard University, and founding co-pastor of the Church for the Fellowship of All Peoples in San Francisco, the first intentionally inter-racial church in the United States.

Draft Order of Service There has always been a monetary basis underlying the character of correctional institutions in the United States.

Satori Shakoor is Executive Director of The Society for the re-Institutionalization of Storytelling and a host of The Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers.

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