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His mother name is Kathy Elaine who is occupationally working as a real estate agent who was born in 1950.

As soon as his father died by committing suicide and shooting a gun within himself in the year 1977 he started taking out all the responsibility of his family.

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1 at the box office, and earned a grand total of $103 million worldwide against a $6 million budget. In the 15 years since, due to the laundry list of stars it helped launch, its funky vibe, catchy-as-all-hell soundtrack, and phrases like “major wiggage,” “hoover it,” and “jump up my ass,” it's gone on to become a coming of age classic; a film that’s revisited by twenty-somethings time and again on cable. The film centered on Zack Siler (Freddie Prinze Jr.), the campus stud at a high school in Southern California.

When he’s suddenly dumped by his ditzy girlfriend, Taylor Vaughan (Jodi Lynn O’Keefe), in favor of a vacuous ex-Real World star by the name of Brock Hudson (Matthew Lillard), Zack tries to salvage what’s left of his ego by deeming her replaceable.

Similar to this he has also been into the television within the shows like friends that came across in the year 2002.

Freddie is the only child of his parents and his father is the popular actor as well as comedian during the very early time whose name is Freddie Prinze.

During the very long years they met each other in the shooting of the movie named I Know What You Did Last Summer they met for the very first time and they fall into the zone of affair.

Till today no any interviews are there they mentioned about their divorce and living happily in Los Angeles he even does not can imagine getting his married life to make a break.I guess we don’t run in the same circles but I’m going to call him up and hunt him down.And I always feel like I’m on Candid Camera when I’m in the drug store or something and “Kiss Me” comes on, because I think it subliminally triggers memories from the movie for people, so then you get the, “Do I know you from somewhere? The fact that I still bear a passing resemblance to that girl from 15 years ago makes me happy.” and then quickly try to qualify it, like, “Oh, but you still are!”Rachael Leigh Cook: After I got the message that you wanted to chat, I asked for Freddie’s managers info because I haven’t talked to that guy in over a decade, and he’s the nicest, coolest, funniest person.Filmed in sunny Torrance, California, and boasting a young, attractive, and mostly unknown cast, the MTV gen film was an odd fit for distributor Miramax, run by brothers Harvey and Bob Weinstein, who specialized in high-brow indie fare (one year prior, they'd taken home the Best Picture Oscar for the costume drama Shakespeare in Love).


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