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Prior to that Douglas, had studied in the MIT where he was the first ever to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering. Martin, an Iowan aviation pioneer, of the Iowa Aviation Museum which we visited in 2011).

Then he helped with the installation at the MIT of the World’s first wind tunnel. At Martin he worked in the design of several bombers but he wanted to go to California from where his wife was.

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I see the closure of the C-17 line as the end of Douglas heritage.

In this post I just wanted to pay my small tribute to Douglas Aircraft Company one of the key companies in the history of aviation.

C-17s are large cargo planes produced by Boeing that cost $250 million apiece.

They have been used heavily since 1993 to transport troops, tanks, and supplies.

Hundreds of civil aircraft were produced, over 10,000 military versions.

The military version C-47 Skytrain came to be one of the iconic aircraft of the World War II first and later of the Berlin Airlift (see this post I wrote about our visit to the Berlin Tempelhof Airport, where today a DC-4 is displayed).

Boeing announced this week that it will discontinue the producion of the C-17 Globemaster III in 2015.

As an Airbus Military employee working for the A400M (a competitor of the C-17 in export markets), I take the announcement with some relief (if the production comes to an end).

Thus he left the company in 1920 to move to Los Angeles where he first set Davis-Douglas Co.

You can read about the life of Donald Douglas in the Wikipedia article, at Boeing site or better, in this excerpt from an issue of DC-3.

These plays by politicians to try to keep the line open despite of the military not needing more aircraft continue to exist, as a few days ago we could read about a new plan: C-17 swap, to exchange older C-17s for new ones!

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