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He was almost successful in taking over Amity Park by using Pandora's Box, but failed.

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He then destroyed and blew up Vlad's entire castle and his own human half. Through complex time travelling and the help of Clockwork, the present-day Danny managed to defeat his evil self with the element of surprise, using his newly acquired Ghostly Wail- a power that Dark Danny only manifested shortly before he came back in time- against him.

Dark Danny is currently trapped in a Fenton Thermos in Clockwork's lair.

This is a list of cartoon characters from the Nickelodeon animated television series Danny Phantom.

The series centers on young Daniel James "Danny" Fenton and his coming-of-age story as a half-ghost superhero in the town of Amity Park.

A battle with the Lunch Lady Ghost placed the unsure Danny on the path to becoming a superhero.

and begins concentrating more on his heroic duties.

She is also warm and caring, and is always there for Danny no matter what.

Sam has also been unintentionally responsible in the development of ghosts and was transformed twice.

He gradually grows, bettering himself and his powers over the course of the story as he deals with ghosts, balancing his normal and heroic life, Danny often has to put up with his eccentric ghost-hunting parents, Jack and Maddie Fenton, and his smothering, doting, but compassionate older sister, Jazz Fenton.


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