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He was created with the intent that Danny's worst enemy would be an evil version of himself.

Dark Danny is a cruel, malicious ghost who cares little for anything other than himself, causing as much destruction as he sees fit.

He then destroyed and blew up Vlad's entire castle and his own human half. Through complex time travelling and the help of Clockwork, the present-day Danny managed to defeat his evil self with the element of surprise, using his newly acquired Ghostly Wail- a power that Dark Danny only manifested shortly before he came back in time- against him.

He was almost successful in taking over Amity Park by using Pandora's Box, but failed.

Despite it, Box Ghost remains determined regardless, shouting quotes such as "Beware, for I am the Box Ghost! Dark Danny Phantom (Eric Roberts), also known as Dan Phantom, or Anti-Danny is a villain created by the fusion of the ghost-halves of Danny Phantom (the show's protagonist) and Vlad Plasmius (his arch-enemy) in an alternative timeline.

A battle with the Lunch Lady Ghost placed the unsure Danny on the path to becoming a superhero.

and begins concentrating more on his heroic duties.

This is a list of cartoon characters from the Nickelodeon animated television series Danny Phantom.

The series centers on young Daniel James "Danny" Fenton and his coming-of-age story as a half-ghost superhero in the town of Amity Park.14(later 15)-year-old boy who was desperate to fit in with his peers and be accepted.After an accident in his parents' ghost lab, he becomes a human-ghost hybrid, and obtains a variety of ghostly abilities.He is constantly under pressure from his rival and nemesis Vlad Masters, who wants nothing more than to have Danny as his son and apprentice, a desire which is proven in a few of the episodes.His attempts are futile, though, and he remains Danny's enemy.They are professional yet bumbling jumpsuit-wearing ghost hunters who make it their hobby and goal to study and eradicate "all things ectoplasmic." who serves as Jack's partner and equal inventor of Fenton anti-ghost gadgets.


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