dating a emo - Updating 1980 s hair styles

Whereas in the 1980s it was about style overkill, these days it’s the hairstyle that takes center stage, with add-ons just providing a quirky final touch.

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She used mousse and gel to control her curls, and a banana clip (remember those?

) to rein in the thick mass of hair that fell far past her shoulders.

Read on to discover some of your fave looks from the past that, quite literally, have stood the fickle test of time: The fe-mullet gets renewed airplay this year, but in a decidedly quieter dosage brought on by a softer, fuller fringe and more blended layers.

More Euro-punk than backwater Podunk, this infamous ’80s look sheds its reviled reputation this year with a much more sophisticated, shorter disconnect between layers.

This can actually be a flattering look, especially for those with round, square or triangle-shaped faces.

A light wax raked through the ends, like , and to be quite honest, we didn’t exactly see this one coming.Braids—especially the French braid—were an added one-two punch to the whole more-exclusive-than-thou look prevalent in teen TV tropes everywhere.Now that we’ve all gone braid-crazy this year, the half-updo has become a quick and easy way to infuse the trend into our looks in, well, half the time.We’re happy bandwagoners though, as this year’s redux features totally directional texture—shiny waves—in the hottest length of the year: the lob.Ask your stylist for brow-grazing bangs and chunkier layers that go past the jaw for a less helmet-y look.This includes this offbeat way of revving up your standard ponytail, which entails simply segmenting the tail with hair elastics throughout the length.

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