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With its high vaulted ceiling and interior finishes of brush box and white birch timber, it is designed primarily for acoustic performances.

The Walt Disney Concert Hall at 111 South Grand Avenue in Downtown Los Angeles, California is the fourth hall of the Los Angeles Music Center.

Altiverb™ can apply these impulse responses to any audio recording, making the recording sound as if it was played back and recorded in these real places.

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About two years after that, he started playing more seriously and began practicing non-stop.

He was influenced by blues from an early age, and practiced long hours to learn the chords of blues music by playing along the records.

The exterior, including many of the sculptures of composers by Christian Friedrich Tieck and Balthasar Jacob Rathgeber, is a faithful reconstruction of Schinkel's original designs, while the interior was adapted in a Neoclassical style meeting the conditions of the altered use.

Eric Patrick Clapton was born on March 30, 1945 in Surrey, England.

It is extremely silent and served The purposes of both communist propaganda and recording of classic music, pop music, big band for the Broadcast of German Democratic Republic.

Mechanics Hall is heralded as one of the four finest concert halls in North America.

Internationally regarded by performance artists for its superb acoustics, the Hall also houses a complete recording studio.

The large concert hall of Sydney Opera House is the largest interior venue at the Sydney Opera House.

island of Malta and the churches, concert halls and rock studios of the cities of Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and New York.

This magnificent orchestral studio is built in 1952/53 as a box in box construction, where the inner 'box' is suspended from chains from the outer box.

Influenced by guitarists like Buddy Guy, Freddie King, and B. King, Clapton developed a distinctive style and rapidly became one of the most talked about guitarists in the British music scene. During this time, Clapton really began to develop as a singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Their hits include “Sunshine of Your Love”, “White Room” and “Crossroads”.


  1. Bathroom facilities and concessions were improved throuout the park.

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