Dating a guy with a deformity

“Oddly enough, it proved to be Zeppo who was the most difficult to track down in terms of his post-team life.Perhaps if I had more time and money…though I expect that would have a pretty minority appeal.” — Simon Louvish, Marx Brothers biographer.

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Just one drink increases the chance you will get laid about 20%. You’ve given up and sloth around playing video games or poker, praying and hoping that maybe one day you’ll get lucky instead of doing the work necessary to be an interesting, confident man that girls like.

You think that a girl has to see you as a buddy before she can see you as a lover.

Unfortunately there is no animal lust in friendship.

By being friends first, you almost guarantee that that’s all you’ll ever be.

It seems clear that no one is ever likely to write a biography of Zeppo Marx, the fourth Marx Brother and one who proved entirely superfluous and inessential to the act.

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