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The bridge no longer rotates but is still used on a daily basis for rail traffic.

The City of Mc Rae became the county seat in 1871 and was incorporated on March 3, 1874.

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The key institutional challenges to realize this potential environment are the issue of administrative transformation that is being actively pursued by the Ministry, exemplified by achieving a quantum leap in the investment of available resources in line with the priorities, coordination that would ensure optimal distribution of those resources to garner and reap the highest returns therefrom.

All this requires proper and correct knowledge and familiarity with the Ministry’s own situation and resources on the one hand and the external circumstances, factors and changes in the Ministry’s work and business environment, on the other hand.

It is not clear as to the date of the construction of this Lumber City landmark but it could have been as early as 1910. In the 1800’s and until the early 1900’s steamboats traveled the Ocmulgee River.

The trestle was operated from the shed on top of the structure from where the operator could see activity along the river and the rail tracts.

Subcontract will include a well driller and water tank rehabilitation contractor and is estimated to start during the month of January 2018.

Subcontractor must be a licensed/registered business in the State of Georgia for the trade you are submitting a bid/contract on, must satisfy all insurance, must complete the Section 3 Solicitation Package and include all necessary back up documentation, and if subcontractor has never worked with the recipient, sub-recipient, project administrator, project engineer, or prime contractor, subcontractor may be required to provide a bond for 100% of bid amount payable to the prime contractor.

The city’s new name dates to the time when the local school system was known as Mc Rae-Helena Schools.

By consolidating, the two cities will be able to provide better services for their citizens.

In the 1800’s, Lumber City was a thriving town due to the tremendous amount of lumber and other products being shipped by steamboats to Brunswick and Darien, GA down the Ocmulgee River.

Also, steamboats on the Ocmulgee River made connections with Southern Railroad in Lumber City.

Within this context, the Ministry of Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning is engaged in total and comprehensive review of this role, processes and performance in a step intended to reorganize this role in a fashion that serves the best interest of the community and contributes to the realization of the 2030 Economic Vision.


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