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Although these two women are no longer with these men, they did however spend a good portion of time with them, before and after their claim to fame. Floyd’s beyotch-ass friend was watching the whole time as he put his hands on me, he even tried to block my kid from leaving. Any real man that see another man seeing red and putting his hands on a woman should intervene, he didn’t so s***. ST: I didn’t sue him, he took me to court for child support, he sued me for defamation of character. For him to put another ring on another chick’s finger, then come over to my house and try to control me and who I’m having sex with (C. Still, despite the tension, 50 still sends in his child support checks.

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You can view the IG post in its entirety above via The Shade Room.

The rapper has a history of personal issues with his family.

The photos resulted in Marquise responding by telling his estranged father he promises to make him proud, and hopes he at least remembers to wish him a Happy Birthday, accusing the rapper he’s missed a few in the past.

#Shaniqua Tompkins the mother of #50Cents eldest son #Marquis Jackson #Clapsback at the haters under one of her son's posts #Clapback Season (view previous post) A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on A few days ago, 50 Cent went on Instagram and posted a countdown clock for his child support payments to end for his eldest son, Marquise Jackson.

When your money’s very long you can pay someone to do something.

But that’s still you doing it, you’re just as guilty. I realized just like @50cent can't spell he can't add either." Then, Tompkins delves into her side of the story.Even though the advance was ,000, Tompkins claims that 50 only took home ,000 from his original Sony/Trackmasters deal after attorney fees and ,000 went to Jam Master Jay.50's baby momma types, "So I was working and he was dependent on my taxes like my children! " Tompkins is basically saying that 50 relied on her for money up until 2004, when he got his deal with Shady Aftermath.On Thursday, Marquise posted an IG video of his Marty Mc Flys along with a caption urging followers to check out his Snapchat for clips of his impressive sneaker collection.With the Mc Flys going for approximately 378735 on the resell market, 50 Cent was compelled to remind his first born that the days of getting fresh to death on his dime would be coming to an end soon. You are a grown man now.” Marquise caught the shade-filled message loud and clear and responded in kind, writing back, “Didn’t think you knew how old I was. I’m happy to see you have kind words to say to me this time.” 50 Cent’s passive aggressiveness sent mama bear Shaniqua coming straight for his neck, calling the rapper an unhappy, woman-beating piece of sh*t, among other things.Back in early 2014, it was reported that Marquise was feeling replaced by his younger sibling and that his father, after two years of not visiting, had forgotten him.


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