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The pool’s excavators, Reich & Shukron, state that they found an Iron Age residence built the pool and that the latest pottery found in the fill sealed beneath its floor was from the late 9th century.

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The Parker expedition’s only real legitimacy was provided by the Dominican scholar Fr.

Louis Hughes Vincent of Jerusalem’s Ecole Biblique, persuaded by concerned outsiders to join what had otherwise become known as a rather scandalous treasure hunt; Vincent, with his characteristic thoroughness and precision, succeeded in documenting these spaces for posterity, despite the frivilous nature of the larger enterprise.

Then, after the joining of the still-dry northern and southern segments (the southern tunnelers began first, the authors say), the northern team cut the short (12m) Tunnel VI, from the middle of Tunnel IV back to the spring; the direction of the cutting is clearly shown by the pick-marks.

That “join”, then, is when “the water flowed from the spring towards the [Siloam] pool”, as the famous inscription says.

This space they partially excavated , supporting the unexcavated material overhead with wooden framing, and dubbed it the “Round Chamber” (a term Reich & Shukron have now revived).

Incidentally, this space still existed and was seen by Israeli archaeologists in the 1970s; it later collapsed, and the wooden elements were found in Reich & Shukron’s excavation of the pool, digging from above.

could have been constructed at during that king’s reign.

Again, as the authors demonstrate — and I tend to concur, you don’t “need” a Siloam Tunnel to protect the Gihon waters from the Assyrians (or in any period, really, because of the overlying MB fortifications and access from within the city), nor do you “need” the Assyrians as a rationale for digging the tunnel (because of the 8th century expansion of settlement to the western hill).

This system was still in operation in Iron Age 2, when the tunnel was started.


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