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Groups of the strongest association are known as "bands", and their composition can remain stable over years.There is some genetic evidence that band members may be related, but these bands are not necessarily limited to a single matrilineal line.

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It is generally agreed that the growth of the neocortex, both absolutely and relative to the rest of the brain, during human evolution, has been responsible for the evolution of human intelligence, however defined.

While a complex neocortex usually indicates high intelligence, there are exceptions to this.

One hypothesis proposed by Jerison (1986) is that members of a pod of dolphins are able to share echolocation results with each other to create a better understanding of their surroundings.

Resident orcas living in British Columbia, Canada, and Washington, United States live in extremely stable family groups.

Matrilines who share a common ancestor from only a few generations back share mostly the same dialect, comprising a pod.

Pods who share some calls indicate a common ancestor from many generations back, and make up a clan.

The individuals in these small groups know and recognize one another.

Other species such as the oceanic Pantropical Spotted Dolphin, Common Dolphin and Spinner Dolphin travel in large groups of hundreds of individuals.

The most promising suggests that cetacean brain size and complexity increased to support organisms in maintaining complex social relations with one another Dolphin group sizes vary quite dramatically.

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