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(The "group process" is the approach used to manage discussions, get the best from all members, and bring the event through to a successful conclusion.How you design this depends on many factors, and we'll explore this in a little more detail later in the article.

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The analyses is performed on the structure using a validated and calibrated free-form head model which is then impacted at more than 40 impact locations on the vehicle.

Embedding the head model in all of these impact locations causes duplication of data that in result increases the database size.

If not in debugging phase, it is recommeneded to leave the value to 0. Storing Re-usable Component Redundant data is a big contributor for increasing the simulation footprint as more design studies are made.

A simple example is a FMVSS 201 regulation which requires the valiation of a vehicle against multiple impact locations.

It simply means that, for the purposes of this group process, you will take a neutral stance.

You step back from the detailed content and from your own personal views, and focus purely on the group process.

We look in more detail at most important of these areas below.

With the group's objective firmly in mind, preparation for the meeting or event is all-important.

Consider a case of a rigidwall definition which requires a node set to be associated as slave nodes.

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