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I know it’s been about three years since I updated this blog. I flipped to the Travel Channel and watched some episodes, and of course was highly amused by Josh’s sense of humor again. The show would be so much more fun and entertaining with her on it.

The loss of DT and no longer getting to watch Josh and Ryder together had put a damper on my spirits I guess. I’m also feeling that renewed desire/dream to get out and travel and explore the world. And based off her social media posts, she obviously seems to be really missing Josh and their adventures together as well. I am at least glad that the Travel Channel has started to air Destination Truth.

Bhutan is a great example of that: it’s a very closed off country in the Himalayas and they really limit the number of tourists they let in per year. ” Is this the same crew for the second half of season three? There are always a couple of flip-flops on the crew.

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These two really make the show the awesome and epically entertaining adventure that it is. So here's a big FUCK YEAH to this very amusing and loveable pair of travelers/monster hunters/truth-seekers/goofballs!

They are both hilarious and really fun to watch, especially together.

DT, now in the second-half of season three, is an intellectually fascinating, wildly enjoyable combination of travelogue and serious paranormal/crypto-zoological investigation.

The show has excellent production and entertainment values, a capable and engaging team, cool gadgets, and the gloss of solid scientific method about it, as befitting Gates' academic background in archaeology at Tufts University.

We spent a lot of season 3.0 in South America and it was great to have someone on the team who could translate [Spanish] and play an integrative role rather than having to rely on an external translator. But seriously, apart from the team leader stuff and I appreciate the compliment, while I do love the outdoors, love to trek, I’m not especially adroit at climbing or some of those other things.

There was a multiculturalism to Jael that was really wonderful for the show. Diving IS something I’ve done my whole life because my father is a deep sea diver, so water has been a big part of my life since I was a kid.

That the government of Egypt would allow us to go down there alone, but sometimes you just have to ask. We actually pitched Chernobyl internally as a joke, but then we said, “Wait a minute, can we do that? In the reality TV industry people are always taking different jobs – our camera operators have worked on everything from Top Chef to Amazing Race.

We brought back Erin Ryder, who was on the show as on-camera field producer in season two.

Eric Olsen – Your locations are an amazing tour of the world! How did you get into, for example, Bhutan for the Himalayas/yeti episode? What is your secret for getting into places no one else can go?


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