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As this is a growing industry, there's still quite a bit of competition going on, so we have the benefit of varying options.

To help you sort this all out, I'll compare 5 of the most popular Android Vo IP services below.

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The apps are listed in no particular order, but I'll offer my opinion on which is the best option at the end of this article.

As one of the pioneers of Vo IP-based landline calling in the early 2000s, Vonage is a stalwart in this market even today.

All five of these apps offer free Vo IP calling in one way or another.

Some offer free calling within the United States to any U.

If you are using it on i Devices, Go to App Store and open an App on App Store on your i Phone.

Now, tap on gets to install ID on your i Phone, i Pod Touch and i Pad.

There’s a variety of reasons why None does not appear as an option, ranging from subscriptions to outstanding debts and payments due to Apple and its i Tunes and App Stores.

If you’re unable to get None as an option, check out our detailed article on why and steps you take to get this option.

By using your all-purpose broadband data or wireless internet connection instead of dedicated copper telephone wires, call quality has the potential to be much higher with Vo IP, and the overhead for providing such a service is drastically reduced.

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