questions to ask a new girl your dating - Pure attraction christian dating

If a woman is looking for a man who is pursuing purity, she can search for the opposite of this list.

“If she is willing to stick around for at least six months, she could be a part of some profoundly wonderful redemption in the life of the man,” Monuteaux said.

Women need to be honest with themselves and decide what they are willing to do if something like this arises in their relationships, she said.

Monuteaux describes foundational behaviors and practices that can lead to a pure relationship.

These practices, Monuteaux says, will help a woman set standards for herself just as she is hoping her future husband will set standards for himself.

Monuteaux said she would counsel a woman to use grace and mercy in a relationship with these circumstances.

She would not abandon the relationship right away but would look at the actions of her partner and see if he had a repentant heart and a willingness to seek godly help and counseling.

One of the first steps women should take to protect themselves, and potentially their families, is to call out a problem, and to get counseling to heal from the hurt.

If there is no problem with pornography, then take the time to sit down and determine what measures will be taken to protect both parties, as well as the potential family in the future.

“What aspects [of a relationship] aren’t strained [by porn]? “The aspects that are most strained are intimacy, trust, finances, communication, time, attention, presence, boundaries, and a healthy view of what sex should be like.” If a woman found out that her partner was using pornography, what should she do?


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