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You could use these lessons to make your first 0 or your first ,000 product launch and beyond. I sold my first ever “internet marketing product” in 2004 (an ebook called “Internet Dating Tips for Men”).I ran my first online group coaching program in 2010 (the Raw Brides Transformation Plan), and I’ve been blogging weekly since 2011 on my various blogs (Neicey’s Movie Reviews, The Green Detox Queen, Raw Brides and Inspired Life Formula and of course Lucky Bitch to name a few).Honestly – most of these lessons will apply if you’re doing your first ever business launch and what ever stage of business you’re at.

I’ve made a loooooot of mistakes but I’ve also been growing steadily and consistently over the last few years. Use this article for inspiration, reassurance and maybe to fire you up!

Here’s some of the biggest lessons from our biggest launch ever: Omg – did life ever happen.

Your sales page will take 10 x longer than you think it will.

Even with an existing sales page, making tweaks takes so much longer than you think.

Outsource as much as possible because it will multiply your output.

Get people on Fiverr if you don’t have a big budget, because there are SO many moving pieces to a launch.

We’ll also share in future weeks things like what our expenses were during the launch so you can see that too.

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Great topics to share with you are the weather, your career, the place you grew up, and genital herpes virus treatments like to do for interesting.

Simply go with the requirement that you may or may not encounter some people that are worthy of a further date or two.

The fact of the subject is that you may meet your soul mate, but it’s advisable not have that sort of expectancy.

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