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If you want to see tweed jackets at a weekend and girls in pearls, the only way is Battersea these days. The club went to great lengths to assure members that they would ‘never allow filming to take place for real.

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Oh, and they ‘date’ each other and occasionally go clay pigeon shooting. What is billed as a glimpse into the lives of upper-class, well-bred Chelsea residents should be pilloried for false advertising.

While the stars of The Only Way is Essex, the slightly chavvier cousin of Made in Chelsea, flaunt their booze-fuelled, plastic, footballers’ wives lifestyle, at least it’s all as obviously fake as their tits and tans. In case the producers had not noticed, all the Sloane Rangers were priced out of Chelsea years ago. Well, there was a big hoohah when regulars of KR nightspot Raffles saw their favourite dive featured on the show and complained that membership standards were slipping.

For those lucky enough not have witnessed the latest cruel twist in the world of reality television, I recommend Geordie Shore.

The show follows a dozen drunken louts through their various escapades and love affairs on Tyneside. The obsession with this genre of pseudo-reality, unscripted peep show seems unstoppable.

Show bosses have teased that the drama level is set to remain high.

Channel 4 formats commissioning editor Lee Mc Murray revealed: "E4 viewers should brace themselves for an exciting new chapter in the lives of the Chelsea set.Despite Alik flying out to try and win her back, Louise was adamant that the relationship was over…Although she did invite him to spend some time in the South of France with her – so perhaps all is not lost?Outside of her life in Chelsea, Louise co-runs her own clothing company. As ever the reality show will be keeping us up-to-date the lives of SW3’s 20-somethings, whether it’s dating drama, feuding friends, or the fall-out from a wild night on the town with Jamie Laing.Everyone’s lives are interesting in theory — even this lot, perhaps.

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