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As bits and pieces of the unknown past that the two comrades share are gradually revealed, the rest of the crew can only speculate. I try to avoid shinobi, but this universe doesn't want to keep it that way. Naruto decides to enter to try winning the prize and save his marriage. His only wish is to save his friends and assure their absolute happiness this time around. Luffy, and general chaos and craziness that he brings into the world) SLOW UPDATESJon Snow discovers a device hidden deep inside the Crypts of Winterfell which turns his life into a video game.

Will likely be jumping around until something makes an impression. Not revenge, not tomatoes, and definitely – definitely! But when she winds up on a genin team with him, she realises there's more to his smile than teeth and sunshine. Sasuke No one is happy that Joanna Snow's soulmate is Tywin Lannister, least of all Joanna and Tywin themselves. Together, they battle countless enemies and add to their powerful family.

by Lily Ev PMisunderstood (Russian): Misunderstood (Russian) by Lily Ev PIncandescent (Polish): https:// by nakiju13Fanart: Lyarra Snow from Winter Thorns of Highgarden: Lady Tyrell Uchiha Satsuki, avenger, doesn't love anything, or anyone. "Baratheon is to marry one of the Tully girls." Cersei felt such anger toward her father. " "You are to marry Eddard Stark, Lord of Winterfell."Ash sets off on his journey to be a Pokemon Master with his starter Charmander and a mischievous Pichu.

Instead, when the Dark Lord's curse rebounded that Halloween night, a piece of his fractured soul sought out the one thing that had felt similar, equal even. That had been what made Shikamaru take notice of Naruto. After meeting Fate and Death, Harry is given a second chance to squash Voldemort, dodge a thousand years in prison, and snatch everything his hated brother holds dear. On the night of the Mizuki Incident, the fox gives Naruto a bloodline. My answer to Bown Phantom's Hidden Bloodline challenge. Whatever happened to him, made Luffy view the world differently. Physically born as a boy, mentally reawakened as a woman. (Now at Hogwarts)Sasuke Uchiha could never quite understand how a boy two years his junior somehow managed to get into the academy and remain there despite dead-last status. What if he, like his mother and his uncle Brandon had the 'Wolf's Blood'. Soon Harry will be joining his classmates at Hogwarts but how will Hogwarts handle this kind of Harry?

And after his abuse suffered by the Dursleys, Harry shows up to Hogwarts with a very different outlook on things. Some things about the 'boy' just didn't add up and the more Shikamaru thought about it the more he began to wonder what Naruto wasn't telling people, and, if Shikamaru was correct, why was Naruto hiding it in the first place? Follow him on his journey to become the Pirate King, the freest person in the world, as snippets of his past slowly reveal itself to his crew. Suffice to say, he's in for quite a shock when said little boy hands him his ass. A what if story featuring Jon as a rather more assertive character than he is in the books or show. And how does it affect the prophecy, what is the 'power he knows not?

Other than skipping a half-manic monologue from him what exactly did this change for everyone's favorite blonde ninja? How might her reactions and the outcomes change if she knows early on Darcy admires her eyes and Bingley's family is opposed to Jane? Then one day she unlocked a new ability that would let her climb her way up to the top of the ninja world. In an institute to help children with psychological issues, a child is abandoned by his guardians because he does extraordinary things. A sudden adoption and unlikely allies work to split him from Dumbledore. "The village is being attacked," Sarutobi said against his better judgment, he was taking too long as it was, too long away from the front lines. The Chuunin Exams are almost in sight and Hisana is faced with her biggest challenge yet: Keeping Sasuke in Konoha and Orochimaru out of it! She's just a woman who's gone through her entire life with a plan to guide her, but when she suddenly finds herself as the main character of a series where unpredictability is the norm, she gladly rips apart the one thing that has suffocated her for years and thinks, "To hell with it." SI! With a new companion by her side, and new friends at her arm, Helena takes on the world. Harry Potter is more than a wizard, he's descended from two powerful clans of the Elemental Nations. The icy seas shift and tide against the shore of a difficult path. They will fight, they will prank and they will be followed through time. Response to Paladeus's challenge "Champions of Lilith"Out of all the kekkei genkai she would have liked to get, the eyes of Samsara wouldn't be her first - or second - choice. No sense of balance, her ability to think clearly crumbles when stressed, and her body just didn't feel like it belonged to her. Darcy hides from his identity in Hertfordshire in a bid to reconcile himself to his duty and find peace before accepting his inevitable fate.

Rather than fear him, the doctors work to help him try to control this ability. With two Lordships and a betrothal, how will the world react to Lord Potter-Black when he refuses to fight in their war? "You are one of the goals of this attack, Naruto, so I'm going to send you somewhere I believe you will be safe." Rating may change. And then there's Itachi, who's a class all of his own. Thanks to his parents taking precautions he will work on training both sides of his heritage. Will contain some bashing, see summary, no pairings yet. Watch as a small ripple becomes a mighty typhoon in the world of monsters, gods, and demigods. What he discovers instead, is family, love, and acceptance.Now, he has to hope he can use his knowledge of the series to keep himself alive..maybe get some other benefits. (Self-Insert)Luffy disappeared a day after Sabo died. That freedom changes his summer, his life, and the world forever. What if the Gods of the world took a more active hand in it? (Or Jon Snow is a demi-god son of R'hllor and world history is turned on its head as a result.)On the night Voldemort attacks the Potter's home, a completely different person finds Harry before Sirius Black or Hagrid.What if the sliver of Lord Voldemort's soul in Harry's scar wasn't a Horcrux at all. Harry Potter has been banged up for ten years in the hellhole brig of Azkaban for a crime he didn't commit, and his traitorous brother, the not-really-boy-who-lived, has royally messed things up. Four years later he came back with a slave brand, burned into his flesh. A very long character-driven story that likes to play with canon. What if Jon had inherited more than just Lyanna's colouring. Harry is found and adopted by Nermia's very own eternal lost boy Ryoga Hibiki!She just had the simple ambitions to play volleyball professionally and survive long enough to become middle aged, maybe even grant Nana's greatest wish and give her grandchildren. The Byakugan is one of the world's most legendary bloodlines.Somehow, she gained minions, one hell of a tutor, and a nonrefundable offer to become the next Vongola Decima along the way... And just like the rest, it has a dangerous secret of its own. Somehow, Tsuna was trapped in the body of his other self who just had committed suicide in a parallel world... Uzumaki Naruto's world changed when he was befriended by the often silent and introspective Aburame Shino.One day somehow he woke up with the ability to view life as a video game. Somehow she manages to burn Google translate into her own brain, and also have everyone out for her blood...literally. This story follows her sister, Guinevere Weasley, as she is sorted into Slytherin and learns to navigate pureblood politics. With his life turned into a Game, Harry now has to raise a Phoenix, uncover the Founders' darkest secrets, deal with political manipulations and live through Hogwarts all while trying desperately to not swear too much. Shortcuts, inventions, and a bit of support go a long way! In (sleep) comes a foul-mouthed man with a healthy amount of disregard (of reality). - I have removed the larger portion of this story due to plagiarism concerns. Follow them as they redo their years at Hogwarts, starting from First year and work to make a difference in the wizarding world.


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