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There he opens a hatch on the floor and hot steam rises. When he discovers that the water in the tank below is boiling, his face goes pale.

Just as the sun enters frame, a solar storm of gigantic proportion unfolds. An Indian BOY playing by the roadside steers his wooden toy ship across a puddle. In the background, the jeep stops in front of a building. West steps out we see that he is accompanied now by a nervous DR.

The eruptions shoot thousands of miles into the blackness of space. COUNTRY SIDE/INDIA - SUNSET Mozart's concerto filters from a jeep's stereo, fighting the drumming sounds of the monsoon rain. The Professor turns to his driver, pointing to the boy. The driver jumps out, leading the Professor towards its entrance. NAGA-DENG MINE/INDIA - SUNSET An endless mine shaft.

His neighbors, an elderly couple, stand there and stare at it. STREETS/LOS ANGELES - EARLY MORNING Jackson drives through LA with the radio on. We pass a family frantically loading boxes into a van. S.) (CONT'D) We'll not bow to little inconveniences like these so called `mini-quakes'... He's holding up a cardboard sign: `Repent - The End is Near'. KATE'S HOUSE/LOS ANGELES - MORNING Jackson stops and honks in front of an upscale Westwood home.

Those shake-proof coffee mugs are a genius idea, and they just show the true nature of us Californians. If you have a funny `mini-quake' story you wanna share, call Lisa & Randy at 1-800... Two kids NOAH, 10, and LILLY, 7, come running down the driveway.

In the background we make out Satnam's family around the dining room table.

ADRIAN If this is about what I said last night, I am truly sorry, sir.

ADRIAN HELMSLEY, 32, stands with a group of young POLITICAL AIDES. One of the aides spots CARL ANHEUSER, 58, White House Chief of Staff, working the crowd. ADRIAN I still can't believe that Wilson chose him of all people to run the White House.

A terrace overlooking the Washington Mall and the Capitol Building. Did you hear, he wants us to sign in and out like school boys?

SATNAM (CONT'D) There was a new solar storm, so strong that the physical reaction got even more severe.

A small group of WHITE COATS look up from their computers, which all show images of the solar storm we witnessed earlier.

2012 Written by Roland Emmerich & Harald Kloser Second Draft February 19th, 2008 OVER BLACK We listen to the immortal music of Mozart's Adagio of the Clarinet Concerto in A. The last of them is the giant, burning sphere of the sun. The jeep drives straight through the puddle at full speed, sinking the boy's toy ship.


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  5. Since then, the costly implementation of the E-ZPass system forced the Turnpike Authority to eliminate the discounts during peak hours, and instead impose a per month E-ZPass fee to their account holders.

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