Dating site for ghanaians

Anyway in some instances some of the lucky wives join their husbands to enjoy the bliss of marriage life. These lucky ones usually tend into vipers and sunk their fangs into the fingers that fed them.The ingrates sow poisonous seeds of discord between their husbands and their family members who groomed them for their husbands.

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The break ups has cause so much rancour between the parties involved.

Some of the people involved are now emotional wrecks and the children from these wed locks traumatised.

They will not spend your money on cat foods or go on exotic Caribbean holidays.

Also most Ghanaian guys will like to return home after long period of stay in foreign land to settle for a more dignified life back in Ghana. Where parents will not leave home when the kids are asleep and return when they have gone to bed.

Yes some lucky surfers have found angelic wives who have brought them everlasting joy.

Sometimes it’s good to meet a total stranger than to get stuck to the girl or guy next door who will always take you for a fool.

Internet dating sites and chat rooms are gaining popularity among Ghanaian eligible bachelors and sometimes the lecherous ineligible ones too in Europe and America.

Many of these husbands and wives to be find these sites as an alternative to the traditional way of finding suitors at social gatherings like funerals, festivals, church programmes etc.

Usually Ghanaian guys abroad prefer getting wives back home in Ghana to eliminate the shocks that come with crossing cultural boundaries.


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