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There are few days as miserable as December 26th in retail.

Then I do a quick peek at an inspirational quote that an author friend passed along and I promptly tacked to my window.

It reads: “Remember that in this industry, it’s a marathon to the end, not a sprint to the finish line.

You have waited so long you obviously don't give a shit and your gift won't be very well thought out. They are actually more thoughtful because you are saying "I am a loser and didn't get you anything but rather than get you something stupid, here's a way for you to pick out your own gift". When they see you with the dreaded bag that you obviously are walking IN and not OUT with, they want to run the other way. They don't want to hear your tales of how your husband is a total ass because he never knows your size.

Your boyfriend is a jerk because no matter how many times you hinted at an engagement ring he bought you gloves. Remember that once an item leaves a store they hope to never see it again.

Return the tie on the 28th or get really crazy and wait til after the new year. And if it was given to you by someone that you were dating, break up. Yet, you have saved a tired store clerk the trouble of looking up the new price now that it is most likely on that after Christmas sale table.

If that sweater is really ugly and you can't imagine why anyone would buy it for you, keep it. For those of you who are now going to just start shopping, these gifts will probably be the ones that get returned first so don't even bother.She thinks the race is a sprint, but it’s really a marathon.Let’s just say she makes a lot of mistakes along the way.Somewhere along the way I realized I was on to something.Joyce: Would you like to share a favorite moment from your writing career? For the longest time, when I would flap the book closed for the night, this delusional grandeur of hope loop would play in my mind.And for the sales people and owners, this is a day of pure hell. They have given you their time, often much too much of it as you agonized over a item and for 27 days and counting, put up with attitudes, store destruction that they had to stay and help clean and demanding, nasty customers. So, by the time December 25 comes, not one of them ever wants to see the inside of a store again. I hope you all realize that the item you received that you are returning at 10AM on December 26th will be eligible for return on the 27th and for however long each particular store allows returns. If you receive an iron, a waffle maker or a crock pot that you don't want or need, hang on to it.

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