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Juanita Bynum has been through hell and back—and now Global United Fellowship (GUF) is promoting the controversial prophetess to full-blown bishop status.

It's no great surprise that her spiritual elevation is stirring a Christian hornet's nest, but are believers being mean-spirited or just discerning?

Within dating, we often have unrealistic expectations.

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But in Atlanta, suckers are born every second it seems.

The females, aka Land Sharks, in Atlanta are so desperate to say they have a man that they don’t mind sharing him as long as their friends don’t find out about their peculiar arrangement!

Ironically, Bynum's appointment is already driving division.

Although the group's mission statement is to "foster biblical unity among believers as one body in Christ," some onlookers are gravely concerned about the appointment, given her history and what Paul wrote in 1 Tim.

Just thinking about the person you date should make you want to become a better person.

Something I noticed in my mission presidents marriages is that BOTH of them would say “I married up” and that the other person inspires them.

When you date, learn everything you can about each other. ”The most important characteristic of your future spouse is going to be their loyalty and faithfulness to God, don’t let physical appeal and looks distract you from this requirement.

Never forget the ultimate reason you date is to seek for a spouse and the reason you marry is to forge an eternal family!

they say as their man slips out the door to the strip club and doesn’t return until the next day. Weeks III, who recently celebrated his birthday with a new sucker, er, woman, by his side. The last time we heard from Weeks was when he made national headlines for beating down his then wife, evangelist Juanita Bynum, in a hotel parking lot.

Weeks, head of Duluth-based Global Destiny International Ministries, told the AJC he wanted a woman to mend his broken heart after his quickie divorce from Bynum.

Have fun on your dates, but always remember you are on a date with one of God’s choice sons or daughters, remember to protect each other’s virtue.

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