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I was not surprised - as women's labyrinthine reasons for having sex go, that's pretty basic, stock-in-trade stuff.

Sex chats women with men

Instead, female sexual response is as intricate as a weaver bird's nest - a complex interlacing of disparate feelings, needs and promises.

Initial physical attraction may be driven by simple hormones - but later in a relationship, the primary sexual mover for many women is a desire for emotional connection.

The old chestnut that men use love to get sex and women use sex to get love has some truth: men feel validated by sexual connection; women crave understanding and closeness.

They could spend hours exploring their own most complex feelings and their partner's deepest fears and joys - and watch him quake under the onslaught.

But once we've realised he's lacking in other areas or the passion has ebbed away, the reasons to have sex become far more mundane, or even acquisitive, such as 'So he'll take the rubbish out' or 'Because he took me for a meal'.

The key finding of the book is that men are, on some level, physically attracted to most women, yet women are left sexually cold by most men.Or they can engage with him physically and reap the emotional benefits of post-coital intimacy.The book claims 84 pc of women have sex simply to keep their partners quiet or to get help with the chores.You may feel shocked at the hint of prostitution - the bartering of our bodies for a bit of DIY - but within a committed relationship is it truly so different from any other trade- off which ultimately nets both participants what they want?Women have always been practical when it comes to ensuring their comfort and security - and sex is an immensely valuable commodity.In this light, feminism's eagerness to persuade women to have sex only when we experience knee-trembling desire seems naive.


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