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During this time, butler Alfred arrives at Wayne Manor and after deducing the Dynamic Duo's secret identities joins their service.

After the introduction of DC Comics' multi-verse in the 1960s, it is retroactively established that stories from the Golden Age star the Earth-Two Batman, a character from a parallel world.

As the decades wore on, differing takes on the character emerged.

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Unlike most superheroes, he does not possess any superpowers; he makes use (to the best that he can) of intellect, detective skills, science and technology, wealth, physical prowess, and intimidation in his war on crime.

Batman became a popular character soon after his introduction, and eventually gained his own title, Batman.

1969) after his parents' death, and appearances of his father and himself as prototypical versions of Batman and Robin, respectively.

In 1980 then-editor Paul Levitz commissioned the Untold Legend of the Batman limited series to thoroughly chronicle Batman's origin and history.

In Batman's first appearance in Detective Comics #27, he is already operating as a crime fighter.

Batman's origin is first presented in Detective Comics #33 in November 1939, and is later fleshed out in Batman #47. Thomas Wayne and his wife Martha, two very wealthy and charitable Gotham City socialites.

I must be a creature of the night, black, terrible..." As if responding to his desires, a bat suddenly flies through the window, inspiring Bruce to assume the persona of Batman.

In early strips, Batman's career as a vigilante initially earns him the ire of the police.

During this period Wayne has a fiancée named Julie Madison.


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