Rupaul dating now

I started doing drag in Vegas and I was able to experiment with things, and then having Gaga be one of my characters, I was able to branch out of the box and not just do Britney Spears.

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It's not a career that I had ever thought about, and I had not met a drag queen until I met ("Ru Paul's Drag Race All Stars Season One Winner) Chad Michaels the night of "The Tonight Show".

Chad was the sweetest person I had ever known, there is no one that has his energy.

There are going to be people that have different opinions on my casting or trying out, but Ru Paul thinking that there is something in me that needs to be shown; there is nothing more that I could expect from him.

Conversely, what do you think was the least favorite part of the experience?

When I think of an "All Star" I think of him; there is no one that deserves that crown more.

When I met him and he told me I was the most amazing Britney impersonator and he is dressed as the most amazing Cher impersonator, I thought to myself "why would I want to do anything else"?

I just have to tell them "I tuck just like you do"!

I always just thought it would happen at the right time.

It's such a unique opportunity that now only one hundred of us have actually had.

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