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And when Proposition 8 was passed, Melissa famously vowed to stop paying taxes in protest.(Interestingly, they didn’t become registered domestic partners until 2005, two years after the ceremony.)And, in their “divorce,” they are fighting over the same things that straight married couples fight about: money.

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Which I think is probably more a reflection of ' Well, yeah, just like anybody else, gay people get divorced.'”She’s right. In some instances it’s because of this internalized homophobia.

If you check out the comments on TMZ, Perez Hilton, and the Hollywood Gossip—hardly forums for elevated discussions—for every homophobic remark you’ll see three like this one from Straight Talkin’ Texan on TMZ: “Nice to see that sexual orientation does not guarantee different relationship problems. In other instances it’s because people want to take financial advantage of the fact that the laws do not support us in most states.”Even the court documents filed on behalf of Tammy hint at the perspective that, in the eyes of the world, this was not a real union, putting the words “marriage” and “divorce” in quotation marks: “Petitioner and Respondent’s relationship was one of the most public and well-known same-sex domestic partnerships in the United States.

Gays and lesbians have had many big, splashy unions in the past few years—and now the gay-marriage era has its first high-profile, hideously bitter breakup.

Melissa and Tammy Lynn Etheridge’s split has been messy from the beginning, when in the spring of 2010, Tammy took to her blog to write quasi-poetic musings that revealed that all was not well in the house of Etheridge.

(Emails and calls to lawyers for both Melissa and Tammy Etheridge were not returned.)The back and forth has sent the gossip blogs into overdrive.

But could the conspicuous ugliness actually be a boon to gay marriage?

This dissolution matter has become one of the most well-known ‘divorces’ in the country.

The parties lived much of their ‘married’ life in the public eye.”In all ways, Melissa and Tammy acted and lived like a married couple —though they didn’t get married during the small window of time when it was legal to do so in California before the 2008 passing of Proposition 8 outlawed gay marriage.

In a caustic post on her blog Tuesday, the former actress/full-time mom blasts Etheridge -- and "pooper magazine" -- for apparently getting the details wrong about when the singer became involved with Wallem.

In an all-lowercase, stream-of-consciousness rant, Tammy writes: "so.

In Tammy’s latest filing for sole custody, she asked for an increase in her monthly expenses.

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