Updating downlevel os configuration

If you control the content in your Web Browser control by rendering the HTML pages you display yourself, the easiest way to provide later versions of the IE rendering engine is by using the IE Edge mode header. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a key that says use the latest version that's installed - you have to be specific regarding the version unfortunately.By adding a meta tag to the head of the HTML document rendered in the Web Browser Control you can effectively override the IE Rendering engine and specify which version of IE (or the latest version) to use. Starting with IE 8 Microsoft introduced registry entries that control browser behavior when a Web Browser Control is embedded into other applications. Webpages are displayed in IE9 Standards mode, regardless of the ! Given that Windows 7 and later can run IE 11, I'm requiring users to have IE 11 if I want to use HTML5 and more advanced CSS features like Flexbox, but if your content is simpler you can probably get away with using IE 10 or even IE 9.

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Full IE Browser: Web Browser Control in a WPF form: The the full Internet Explorer the page displays the HTML correctly – you see the rounded corners and shadow displayed.

Obviously the latter rendering using the Web Browser control in a WPF application is a bit lacking.

This is because the original versions of the Active X control used this mode and for backwards compatibility the Control continues this outdated and very HTML5 unfriendly default.

This applies whether you’re using the Web Browser control in a WPF application, a Win Forms app, or Fox Pro application using the Active X control.

Whether you're just rendering document content, or you're interacting with rich interactive content, HTML happens to be one of the most common document formats to display or interact with and it makes a wonderful addition to conventional forms based UI.

Even in desktop applications, is often way easier than using labels or edit boxes or even some of the WPF text containers.

Personally I've used the registry hack for all of my apps that use the Web Browser Control because my applications tend to render HTML from all sorts of different sources - local generated content, as well as Web loaded pages for previews and sometimes even dynamically injected content.

It's better to force the latest IE version for all content than forget the fact you need custom headers for other non-application content you might display (update notices, registration forms, notifications etc.) These days most machines will be running either IE 10 or 11, so there's much less of a problem with differening browser behavior than there used to be. Very useful and timely for me :) One question I had that I thought you might be able to help with was whether application configuration is done only name.

So, if there are multiple apps with the same name on the machine, all of em are forced to use the same IE settings?

Thank You, Vish @Vish - yes it looks like the feature emulation is tied to the EXE name so if you have multiple copies they all use the same settings. Why on earth would you want to have multiple settings for the same application (other than possibly a runtime/development environment of some sort)? It is a little hard to understand why the Web Browser control does not default to using the highest version of IE installed but I suspect people much brighter than I have a defensible reason.

Here's what I have in my HKCU key: Notice some big applications like Visual Studio and Outlook use these overrides and at the HKLM keys you will also find apps like Skype Snag It, Fiddler, Source Tree, 1Password and the Windows Help Viewer to name a few. Simply add these keys to the registry alongside those you use for your actual, live application.


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